1-1 Personal Training

A personalized exercise program that addresses overall functional capacity specifically for each individual client. Personal training programs that consider a clients goals, needs, and abilities in a dynamic and systematic fashion. Achieved through integrating multiple components of fitness to design a program that is safe, effective, challenging, and enjoyable.

What to expect during you Personal Trainer consultation

First we will fill out an information sheet and complete a health history form. It is very important that I know what health issues you may have and what we will need to address in order to reach you goals. We will then do a body fat test, take your weight and measurements to determine where you are. Some people do not like this part of the consultation although it is one of the most important steps. We must know where you are in order to assess where you should be or where you will reach a healthier point in your quest for good balanced health.

At this point we will set your goals and determine a realistic time table. We will discuss your likes and dislikes and consider your health issues and write out a week to week planned workout schedule. We will include resistance training, cardio vascular exercise, flexibility, and stress management. We will look at the amount of time you are willing to commit to and design your personal goal oriented training plan.

During your training sessions we will reassess and retest every four weeks in order to keep you on target to reach your goals. I look forward to working with you on your fitness journey towards a well balanced, well rounded healthy life style.

Aqua Exercise

Move with the tide and get your heart pumping with fast-paced, rhythmic aqua exercise. My pool or yours?

Educational Talks

Have Jessica speak to your group about One Simple Change, Tower Gardening, Mason Jar Salads and More.


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Jessica and her team have helped me achieve the best results I have ever accomplished! I am so happy that I met her and that she was able to help me overcome the obstacles I had in my way. Her and her knowledgeable staff are always patient while still pushing you to a level that will help make your goals a reality.

Thank you to Full Circle Transformations, I truly feel transformed and I am excited to continue my journey with this awesome team!

Elizabeth Pampalone

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Tell Us how you feel!

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About Jessica Wells

Jessica Wells has been transforming lives for more than 30 years. Growing up, Jessica’s father was a physician and living a healthy active lifestyle was a big part of her life. She developed a passion for helping people lose weight at a young age and has been guiding others in their journey toward healthy living ever since.

Jessica specializes in helping overweight clients become achieve their fitness goals. Her emphasis is on extreme obesity and she has helped medically at-risk clients, who weigh upwards of 600 lbs, lose the weight and keep it off. Her philosophy can be described as a one step forward approach!

“I try to help clients take on step at a time to move forward into a healthy living lifestyle. By incorporating exercise and movement into their lives and introducing healthy habits, my clients are able to make the change. I promote whole food nutrition and I am committed to inspiring healthy living here and around the world!”

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